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Wolfpack Cyber Academy

Email: academy@wolfpackrisk.com

Website: http://www.wolfpackrisk.com

Main line of business

The Wolfpack Cyber Academy provides a highly effective training programme to attract, assess and continuously develop information risk skills within an organisation. Standard and customised instructor-led cyber security training and distance-learning solutions. Awareness ser- vices and animated videos or simulations help keep users aware of threats. Wolfpack is a trusted advisor to a growing number of govern- ment and private organisations on the continent.


CompTIA authorised partner, DQS partner, PECB partner Level 1 BBBEE Contributor

Vendor accreditations

CompTIA, PECB, Services SETA


011 794 7322

A level 1 B-BBEE contributor, Wolfpack Information Risk assists clients in managing their IT governance, privacy, information and cyber security programmes more efficiently. Its specialist staff utilise the latest research, threat intelligence, high-impact training, aware- ness and advisory solutions. Wolfpack Information Risk has a strong sense of community and a genuine interest in making a difference in the fight against cyber crime.

Upcoming training courses