Facebook rolls out Developer Circles in SA

Facebook Developer Circles come to SA.

Facebook Developer Circles come to SA.

The world's largest social media company, Facebook, will roll out its Developer Circles in four South African cities.

Developer Circles is a free community-driven initiative.

Members meet up regularly to discuss what they are working on, solve problems and learn about things like chatbots in Messenger and React ? a Javascript code library by Facebook which allows for a single cross-platform codebase.

The idea was launched at F8, Facebook's Developer Conference held in April.

"The developer community has played a large role in Facebook's success to date, and is one we're committed to investing in and growing, especially across Africa," says Proud Dzambukira, Facebook strategic product partner, platform partnerships.

"We see these groups as key in helping to drive forward Africa's innovation in tech, and we're extremely excited to welcome on-board teams from across key cities in SA to an ever-expanding list of African Developer Circles."

There are now over 70 groups around the world, including other African cities Cairo, Casablanca, Dakar, Harare, Lagos, Nairobi and Tunis.

Each circle is led by a volunteer who arranges offline meetups and discussions, as well as manages their own dedicated Facebook Group, where members can continue the conversation between meetups and share code.

Partnering with online training platform Udacity, Facebook has also launched a custom training program for the Developer Circles community, available via Developer Circles Facebook Groups and on Udacity.

Upcoming training courses